Floral Collage Day Retreat

Floral Collage Day Retreat

120.00 145.00

Be inspired by Spring as we create small and large floral collages. Discover new tools and techniques through prompts and creative play to get you out of a rut and into a more spontaneous way of working. Throughout the workshop we will be painting, drawing with crayons, and exploring multiple mediums. We will also make our own collage papers, make collaborative collages, create spontaneous monoprints, and more. All techniques are accessible, so those with less experience can jump right in.

Experienced painters will find this a refreshing way to re-energize their art practice. If you have never painted before, this is a great way to start.

Price includes a delicious catered lunch by Fresh.


We Provide:

A free art kit gift

All materials needed to create a floral collage painting:

Paper for creating collage papers

A 16"x20" canvas

Drawing tools & paint brushes to share

Various other texture making tools to share

Stamps and stencils





Paint: any student grade acrylics, craft paints, or professional acrylics, including as many colors as you have plus black and white.

Acrylic matte medium (Utrecht/ Golden or LIquatex recommended, which works well for collage).

Acrylic glazing medium for diluting your paints

A variety of brushes (see favorite materials page for the brushes recommended)

A soft rubber brayer, 2”–3” wide

Expired credit cards or gift cards, for scraping paint

Stamps, anything you might use to pattern or texture onto paper (optional)

Disposable palette (pad of paper style)

Large roll of soft paper towels (Bounty or Viva recommended).

Spray bottle for water (Windex style, not a mister)

Drawing tools: pens, markers, watercolor crayons, oil pastels, or whatever you have.

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